Potted Plants Large Orange County

A growing gardening trend among many homeowners in Orange County is planting large potted plants in their patios. Growing large potted plants is an indicator of how many people view their homes; beautiful tropical retreats or bird or butterfly zones. Whether you want to grow large potted plants on your patio or inside your house, you have a wide range of plant options to choose from.


This free-flowering plant has bright features that attract many pollinators. It features beautiful star-shaped flowers that bloom in bright white, pink, or lavender clusters. Some varieties have red blooms during summer.


This popular Orange County plant can grow large with sun and rain exposure. Croton makes excellent potted plants for the patio. It is a low maintenance plant that grows well with full sun exposure and minimal watering.


This plant features strappy tropical leaves making it an excellent potted plant for Orange County. Many homeowners grow bromeliad in containers on their patios. Bromeliad usually fades after blooming.


Many potted plants do not do well in full shade. However, caladium will bloom whether you grow it in full shade or sun exposure. This flower will grow slowly or fade out in cold weather. Caladium makes excellent potted plants for the Orange County climate. They are also low maintenance with moderate water needs and pest resistance.


Although some varieties of this plant can be quite invasive, especially when grown in warmer climates, improved cultivars are fruitless, making them less invasive. Lantana can bloom continuously in warm, sunny conditions and make a beautiful, low-maintenance potted plant.


This plant has a wide range of cultivars with beautiful blooms to match any garden. Coleus can grow well in the sun or shade, provided they are well watered. Some gardeners trim their spiky flowers while others leave them bushy to attract birds and other pollinators.

Million Bells

This plant produces beautiful tubular blooms and is relatively resistant to pests such as tobacco budworm. In addition, it grows exceptionally well in high temperatures making it an excellent potted plant for Orange County.


This plant is available in a wide range of cultivars, including wax and tuberous begonias. In addition, Begonia grows can handle a wide variety of growing conditions with full or partial sun exposure.

New Guinea Impatiens

Many gardeners have turned away from impatiens because it is easily affected by Downy mildew disease. However, New Guinea Impatiens is more resistant to this disease, making it a popular choice among gardeners. It grows well in the shade without full sun exposure and moderate watering.


This plant has two outstanding qualities that make it a magnet for many gardeners. It produces a sweet vanilla scent and beautiful, clustered violet blossoms. Heliotrope is a Peruvian native that grows well in Plant containers for sale in Orange County, CA, with full sun or partial shade. In addition, this plant requires moist, rich soils.

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Potted Plants Large Orange County

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