Moving Tips

Be prepared for your upcoming move.

21-14 Days Before Your Move

This might seem too early to start preparing, but just imagine all of the stuff you’ve managed to accumulate over the years.  Likewise, less than a month away, there is plenty you can be doing to prepare.  With that said, start throwing away things that aren’t important to you.  This includes things like old paint cans, or even that broken lawn mower that’s just been collecting dust in your garage.  

You also need to get a head start on determining the finances of your move.  Get an estimated value of all your belongings to be ready for things breaking, or going missing.  You also need to tell the IRS about your move to keep uncle sam happy.

Lastly, get a hold of medical records, apply for a drivers license with car insurance if you’re traveling out of state, get things ready for your kids school, and make any hotel/airline reservations.

14-8 Days Before Your Move

Moving day at this point should feel imminent.  Hopefully, you got everything out of the way that we mentioned before!  Start thinking about all the commitments you still have in your current city. 

Some things we suggest checking include library books, or borrowed items/tools depending on your profession.

Another big commitment to get rid of before your move, is your bills!  Call your internet company, call gas and electric to schedule the service to shut off, call any sort of utility companies that you have a paid commitment to for the property.

We also suggest to start thinking about packing up your larger appliances since they’re probably going to be toughest, and heaviest to remove from your home.

Day Of Your Move

It’s time to move, and we hope that you enjoy the greatest moving experience in the state of California.  You may be reading this as you wait for your movers to arrive.  What else can you do to make everything absolutely perfect?  Start by collecting keys to everything including for the landlord/buyer of the property.  

Also make sure everything is off the bed.  You don’t need to dismantle the beds as we are happy to do this for you.  Make sure that everything is ready for when your movers and keep the paper work that we had you sign in an easily accesible place.  It would also help if you called us to make sure the driver has the correct address, and correct time on file.  

Finally, do one final walk through of the property.  And remember to breathe, your new life awaits you.

7-2 Days Before Your Move

You’re only about a week away from your upcoming move.   At this point you may  begin to ask what you can do next.  We suggest starting with flammables, simply because they’ll get in the way being that you have to dispose of them properly.  Start packing up large pieces of furniture, TV antennas, silverware, pack suite cases with toiletries, and pack essentials you’ll need for day one in your new life.

The Day Before The Move

At this point you should be packed with almost everything.  Start taking down shower/curtain rods, start emptying your fridge, clean and empty the stove, and pack the rest of your personal belongings except for whatever you use as an alarm clock.  Most importantly, don’t forget to get a good night rest, it may very well be a long road ahead of you.  San Jose best movers will of course do everything to make everything seamless.